Julie Scipioni

Taking the Stairs:
​My Journal of Healing and Self-Discovery

by Julie Scipioni

Taking the Stairs is not a clinical book written by a therapist. It is the actual diary of a woman - a woman like you - who discovered that she was in an abusive marriage. After many years trying to "fix" it, she learned to finally break free. But she suddenly felt that there was no longer ground beneath her feet. "Even a bed of nails is a place to sleep," she writes. But how do you move on from there? How do you get to the place where you can begin to build again? 

Maybe you are trapped in a bad relationship. Maybe you've finally found the courage to get out. Or maybe you know you should, but you haven't yet taken that first step. After all, this is all new to you, so how can you possibly be prepared? If getting out is the right thing to do, then why are you so terrified and sad? Is it really possible to pick up the pieces and start over again? 

That's what Taking the Stairs is all about. 

Julie Scipioni kept an intimate diary as she left an abusive marriage and faced divorce, emotional healing, unemployment, poverty, loneliness, and fear - all while answering some critical questions for herself about life and love. It all started with a dream - you won't believe how it turned out. In the pages of "Taking the Stairs" you will find poetry, humor, wisdom and encouragement for your own quest to create greater love and happiness in your life, free from abuse and ready to begin again. 

"Julie Scipioni is an exceptionally gifted writer. Her word pictures and analogies are brilliant. She reaches deep into the heart and soul of the reader and touches even the most secret places." ~Writer's Digest 

Iris & Lily
A novel by Angela & Julie Scipioni

Growing up in the '60s and '70s as the youngest daughters in a family of fourteen, Iris and Lily struggle to survive in the chaotic Capotosti household. The rage of their hot-blooded Italo-American father, the demands and dictates of the Catholic church, the abuse and intimidation meted out by half a dozen domineering brothers, and the oppression of poverty pave their lives forcing them to tackle physical and emotional feats beyond their comprehension and power. 

During childhood, Iris and Lily lock arms to care for and protect one another, but as they grow, outside forces begin to drive a wedge between them. The blatant favoritism of an aunt, the shame of sexual abuse, socioeconomic shifts, and the eruption of the women’s movement become the catalysts that transform their childhood camaraderie into conflict and their affection into alienation. 

Desperate for love, validation, physical care, and freedom they each run headlong into marriage when they are barely out of their teens. When Iris’ marriage transplants her to Italy, the physical and the emotional distance between them seem irreconcilable. Each time the sisters are reunited to celebrate a holiday or grieve the death of a family member, the unresolved conflicts resurface to confront them, challenging their perceptions of the past and the devotion they once knew.

Is the love between two sisters strong enough to survive the truth they have avoided for so long? Can the deeply engrained dynamic that governs their relationship – and their destinies – be altered?

Praised as "beyond excellent", "raw, real and slightly unnerving", "delightful, touching, deep and wise", this three-volume novel series about two sisters is a compelling saga "you won't want to end".

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